Hearing Services

We are a medical, surgical, and audiological practice that devotes itself entirely to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the ear, nose and throat. The Hearing Institute is a division of The Specialty Care Institute.


The Hearing Institute Services

  • Audiometric testing (hearing testing) to determine the type and degree of hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Services

  • Hearing Aid Evaluation to determine which hearing aid best fits the patients hearing loss and lifestyle.
  • Hearing Aid Fittings. The hearing aids are programmed specifically to the patient and their hearing loss. In addition the patient will be counseled on the use and functionality of the hearing aids while also discussing realistic expectations with hearing aid use.
  • Hearing Aid Checks and Cleanings, adjustments

Earmolds including hearing aid earmolds, swimmolds, noise plugs, iPOD molds, etc.

Tinnitus Evaluation typically includes a hearing assessment, special tinnitus questionnaires, and measures of tinnitus loudness, pitch, and its ability to be masked. Other specialized tests may be needed.

Otoacoustic Emissions testing (OAE) provides information about the hair cells in the inner ear. OAE’s are appropriate for use in patients undergoing ototoxic treatments, individuals with tinnitus, and difficult-to-test patients: newborn infants, young children, patients who are attempting to feign a hearing loss (i.e. malingering), and developmentally delayed populations.

Assistive Listening Devices that can aid in successful communication and listening (i.e. amplified telephones, TV ears, etc.)

Aural Rehabilitation Services include inservices that are offered at our clinic that focus on adjusting to hearing loss, making the best use of hearing aids, exploring assistive listening devices that might help, managing conversations, and improving communication.